During a typical day, I will receive around three to four dozen press releases from people looking to get the word out about events, products, businesses, and more on my website, Cactus Hugs. And this is great. The more info I have as a blogger, the better. But, here’s the thing, while I like getting one press release in my inbox, getting the same released delivered over 300 times in less that 10 minutes, well, that was pretty damn annoying.

That’s just what happened this week, as a new cannabis dispensary opening in the Coachella Valley included my email address, for some reason, as a bcc in their mass mailing to over 300 people because there’s nothing like completely filling up an inbox to inspire someone to write a story about your new business.

When I figured out what was going on, I replied to the sender requesting they please try to make it stop. It didn’t, but I did hear back from them a couple of hours later with a one sentence quick apology when they blamed the incident on a “Gmail glitch.”

I get mistakes happen and, when they do, it’s usually best to be honest and laugh at yourself – neither of which happened here, which is a bummer and just a missed opportunity by them.

Bottom line: before sending out your email blasts, check and then double-check who it’s being cc’d and bcc’d to.