How many times have you Googled something only to find that either the information you wanted wasn’t there or, worse, that the website you clicked on expecting current info hadn’t been updated in years? The other data I went to a bar in the Palm Springs area expecting a “Three Dollar Happy Hour” – as that’s what it said on their website – only to be told by the bartender that the promotion hasn’t been around for a couple of years now and that he has to disappoint potential customers with this news “all the time.”

I checked out the place and everything seemed clean, the menus were up-to-date, the staff well-trained, and there was no wear and tear anywhere to be found. So why then do the owners spend so much time and energy on their restaurant only to disappoint people everyday when they could update their freakin’ website in five minutes?

I know that it’s easy to forget about your website with everything else a business owner has to focus on – but often, it will be a potential customers first impression of your business. Staying on top of things and making sure that your business’s website is current and displaying properly on all devices (always check your cell phone to make sure your site is responsive) will not only keep d current customers informed, it will also help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – which can lead to even more customers.

So I know, I know. Your plate is full as it is and dealing with computers and the Internet just isn’t your thing. Well, good news, you can use an easy drag-and-drop site like Squarespace that can be very user-friendly to keep things updated or, if you are looking for something a little more customized for your needs, I might be able to help you out (after all, it is what I do for a living), so just send me a quick note and let’s figure out how to get the most of your website and make give that bartender a break from giving the bad Happy Hour news over and over.