Hopping Mad Painting Debuts New Website

By |2022-11-14T14:49:31-08:00February 2nd, 2022|Successes|

Coachella Valley artist Christopher Hopping captures those moments of discovery you may find along a trail, or a surreal juxtaposition of terrestrial plant life and aquatic life on canvas.  Casey Dolan Consulting working with Hopping to create a museum-like website to display his work and give art aficionados an easy way to contact Hopping to purchase a competed work or commission him for a custom piece. […]

Tod Goldberg, New York Times Best Selling Author, Launches New Website

By |2022-02-21T14:12:08-08:00April 15th, 2021|News, Successes|

Tod Goldberg is the New York Times bestselling author of over a dozen books, including The Low Desert, Gangsterland, and the popular Burn Notice series. This week, an updated website was launched for Goldberg to showcase his works, upcoming events, and thoughts (blog). […]

Look, you just have to keep your website updated

By |2018-03-22T16:52:58-07:00March 22nd, 2018|The Internet|

How many times have you Googled something only to find that either the information you wanted wasn’t there or, worse, that the website you clicked on expecting current info hadn’t been updated in years? The other data I went to a bar in the Palm Springs area expecting a “Three Dollar Happy Hour” – as that’s what it said on their website – only to be told by the bartender that the promotion hasn’t been around for a couple of years now and that he has to disappoint potential customers with this news “all the time.” […]


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